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A picture speaks a thousand words they say; but only as long as it is appealing to look at. This is especially true for product marketing whether it is on a huge billboard or for an e-commerce website. To make your pictures stand out from the crowd, we offer clipping path services.

Clipping path is basically a vector path that is drawn around the edges or borders of an image to cut it out from its existing background. Everything within the clipping path will be part of the final image and everything outside it will be excluded.

The technique is a long and boring process so you don’t need to waste precious time doing it. Why not leave it to the professionals like us and watch as we take care of it in no time. We have a team of expert photo editing professionals who among other things specialize in this service.

What We Do

We understand that companies big or small need help with photo editing at one point or another. We also understand that hiring a full time graphics designer to do these tasks for you can prove to be extremely costly in the long run.

Most of the time, product photo shoots involve holding up the product in a certain position and the resultant photo has an arm or a stand showing in it. But the picture cannot be used as such. That is where clipping path comes in.

We will cut out or “clip” only the product out from the photo and paste it on a background of your choice. Clipping path is the best option when it comes to adding pictures to different back grounds or adding multiple products in the same image.

Sometimes, the picture is taken on a background that looks dull or the product is casting a shadow on the surface because of all the light in the studio. In such situations, our clipping path experts will fix the problem for you in no time by cutting around the edges of the product in the picture, taking care to not include any part of the shadow or the background. The picture is then pasted or edited on to a background of your choice.

We understand the need for providing our clients with pictures that look realistic. Our impeccable attention to detail results in images that have perfectly drawn clipping paths and finished edges thus making the final picture look very realistic.

That is exactly why you can rely on us to fulfill your clipping path needs. We provide the best services at rates that are unparalleled. Our team of professional can provide you all services relating to clipping path, unlike any other. We edit each picture with the utmost care and precision so as to give you exactly what you asked for.

Why Choose Us?

We are good at what we do. Picture clipping is one of the services that we specialize in therefore we do it with the utmost care and attention to detail. The needs of the client are always our top priority. We provide customized services to meet the unique needs of every client.    We guarantee to provide exactly what you want. And to do that we use the latest software and the top of the line equipment. Professionally done high quality clipping path service is our promise to you.