Ghost Mannequin

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Ghost Mannequin

For various e-commerce sites and catalogs, mannequins are preferably used rather than human figures in creating 3D effects for different garment items, such as lingerie, Cardigan, trousers, swimsuits, and jackets etc. And sometimes jewelry. However, in the finished product, you would have to get rid of the background and give it a ghostly or hollow look. The process of carrying this out is known as a Ghost Mannequin Service.

This effect can also be created by making use of removable or transparent ghost mannequins however even after a photo shoot, you would still require massive editing carried out. That is why in order to lower money cost and time spent, a lot of photographers steer clear of costly removable or transparent dolls. Due to the cost effectiveness of image modification.

The method of a neck joint service involves the joining of the front part of a dress which was taken using a doll with the back part of the image. For example, when you want to place a new garment on the net for sales you would place the photo of the dress on your online store. In order to take this photo, you would have to place the garment on a doll or mannequin. After the photo is taken with your doll, you would cut the outside part of the mannequin from the photo of the dress. When this is done you would be required to join the neck with the rest of the dress picture, this process enables you to have professional product photos.

This service is very essential for you if you need to showcase your garment photo using a complete body fit. It is the most efficient way to display your items in their perfect fit. When all parts of a garment or clothing are processed it will enable the dress snapshot in its original form to be used on your online store.

Furthermore, if you run an e-commerce cloth or dress store you would know online buyers love clothes that look very appealing, hence you should want to display your dress with perfect and good photos. The attractiveness of a cloth photo pops out when used with a mannequin, this is why it is essential.

Why Choose Us

Having a neck joint done isn’t just a process of modifying pictures but is digital artistry. This is due to the fact that without a perfect edit, the exact shape of your clothing will never appear on your garment photo. We know how to properly process a dress photo using image editing tools to ensure the real photo is created by making use of the back part and the front part.   We are certainly the best for this service as we ensure the joining of the front and back are done perfectly, with excellent retouching erasing any visual spot. Natural drop shadows are also utilized at the joining location. Our ghost mannequin service is 100% 3D perfection and certainly produces quality results you would want to show off.