Interior Retouching

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What makes the real estate business these days so profitable? Well besides the realtor being extremely persuasive! The gorgeous photos of the homes, exterior and interior of course! And yes, we are apt in that particular sector too. So all you busy photographers can put your feet up and relax- we have got this!

Other than Adobe Photoshop we also utilize Adobe Lightroom amongst other techniques to help those homes sell like hotcakes! We ensure that the homes that are on the market for sale look like ‘homes’ and give out the feeling of a ‘home’. After all, a home is where the heart is, and we definitely want the clients feel like that they are purchasing a home, not a house. The photos then too, we believe should portray exactly that.

What makes a home attractive? We believe it is nature. The green lawns, the beautiful backyard and so on. And we can add those in your real estate photo to enhance that feeling of being one with nature!

Well we cannot have photos of a home look it’s uninhabited or without a few people here and about. That would surely dissuade the clients from considering purchasing since well, the homes would seem ‘sad’ and ‘gloomy’. To liven up the photos, we can even add people!

You want a patio? A portico? A pond perhaps? Or maybe a showy water fountain? Well, then you have come to the right place! We can help you out with those too! We can even change the views of the skies in the photos according to your wish.

If you want us to add real life objects to make your real estate photos look more authentic, we can do that too. Even on a 3D design!

When looking at the interior of a home a client potentially wants to purchase, what is the first thing he/she notices? The furnishing. What if the furniture in the photos that you took is sort of bland? Do you need to say, ‘shine’ them up a bit? Well, we got you. We can enhance, color correct, adjust the brightness, or contrast the furniture however you desire.

How about adding designer couches, tables, virtual wall paintings, lamps and as such to an empty room to make it look more cozy and glamoured up? Yes we can do that too! We are experts at adding virtual furnishings!

From color corrections to enhancing those wallpapers to make them more chic, you came to the right place! Whatever you like, however you like, we can help you cinch that sale! Editing, enhancing, color correcting, adding and adjusting- we can do them all, and what’s more, we can do them well!

Why choose us?

We are good at we do. We love what we do because it makes you happy. Why don’t you give us a shot and find out for yourselves? We can help you make sure that the phrase ‘Home Sweet Home’ is a reality.