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Contrary to common belief, image editing is not about lying or cheating. It is enhancing an image to bring out all the beauty hidden within.

Some of you might wonder what image editing really is. Is it adding new elements to photos? Is it changing the colors? What about changing the entire scene? Let’s dig deeper.

Image editing is a creative skill that requires an eye for detail. It involves removing dust specks, cropping as well as adjusting for lens aberration, slightly changing colors, or sharpening photos.

Nowadays, even smart phones have photo editing software. People of all ages can edit photos. You can see the results on Instagram and Flickr.

Just imagine how much a professional image editor can enhance your photos. Especially the pictures of your special occasions.

Photo retouching services is among the best of our services at Creative Solution. We want your audience to focus on the artist’s message, instead of the imperfections in a photo. The following are some key areas our image retouching services focus on.

Model Retouching

True to the age-old adage, no one in the world is perfect. Even the gorgeous models that you see in magazines have flaws. But, thanks to image retouching, you now see flawlessly beautiful pictures of models carrying your favorite clothes and accessories.

Photo retouching is also known as airbrushing. It is the process of manipulating a photo to slightly enhance the looks of the subject. Some examples include removing pimples or freckles, or making a subject slimmer. Model retouching is a fabulous service for companies and agents working with models.

Jewelry Retouching

We help you close the deal with your customers by offering to retouch jewelry photos. We modify your photos to produce eye catching results that will get your viewers hooked.

Additionally, we remove all elements from photos that might distract your viewer or customer. Our goal is to bring out the brightness and deep colors in your photos to really allure viewers. To help them see the true glory of your jewelry, we enhance your photos to the optimal level. Jewelry retouching can be highly profitable for jewelry makers and sellers.

Dust Retouching

Sometimes when in a hurry, you might end up with a dusty picture if you forget to wipe your lens clean. Or, the environment you shoot in might have dusty elements. Whatever the cause, we are here to clear your pictures of all dust and blemishes.

Cleanliness is vital to health, but it is just as essential to perfect photos. You do not want dust, mold, or grain in your photos.   And that is why we want you to have as crisp and clear pictures as possible by performing dust retouching on your images.

Glamor Retouching

Magazines will not sell well if they do not have pictures of flawless models with flawless skin and bodies.

The make-up, hair, and beauty industry thrives on flawlessness. A fashion magazine cannot afford to have a model with a single pimple or blemish, or uneven skin tone. It would not look glitzy at all.

To help make your models the epitome of beauty and perfection, we provide glamor retouching services.

Why choose Our Image Retouching Services

In today’s world, there is a constant competition on every level. We do not want you or your business to suffer as a result of small imperfections. Your business matters to us, and we want you to prosper. That is why we are your best choice for photo retouching services.

Need high-end photo editing service?

Creative resolution differentiates itself from other retouching firms with of its creative approach. The goal is to extend consistency at scale whereas adhering to the client’s specific retouching needs.