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Photoshop shadow services are a crucial part of photo editing. Shadow creation or at times shadow removal form an integral part of a variety of products. They can be for any number of digital media platforms such as e-commerce websites, print media and magazine ads brochures and many more. Often times photographs fail to display shadows of that particular image which makes the photos look faulty and unattractive. Creating shadows help enhance the natural look of images where there are none. So our next venture, into making your photographs look quite literally ‘picture perfect’ is our Photoshop Shadow Services!

Shadows can be applicable to products ranging from clothing items such shirts, T-shirts to other items such as books, jewelry, pen, mobile etc. Shadows can also be added to fashion photography, nature photography, group images, interior, exterior photos and many more.

We guarantee the use of innovative methods such as clipping path and image masking to remove background of the product or any noises in the background, retouch and color correct photos to make them attractive and finally get the big guns out for our shadow services!

Shadow creation can be of three types:

  • Natural Shadow- as the name itself suggests, natural shadow means giving the image a completely natural look. The shadow that makes a product or image look like it has perhaps gone a very subtle change to retain its natural look, would mean that a natural shadow has been applied( the background surface does not reflect the bottom area- gives a 3D image feel). We can create natural shadows through studio lighting, perspective and as such.
  • Reflection Shadow- applying shadows such that there is a mirror effect of the product itself is called a reflection shadow. It is like placing a product against any reflective surfaces so that you can see the mirror image. Such shadows come in handy for products such as glass/plastic bottles containing any product, electronic devices such as TV, mobile phones, boxes/cartons etc.
  • Drop Shadow/ Box Shadow- applying artificial shadows so that they always remain underneath the products are called drop shadows. It makes an object in the image look more genuine. This technique is mostly used for catalog photographs, advertising images and various assorted websites.

Sometimes you may wish to retain the original shadow of an image which perhaps has faded or encountered other technical problems. Well guess what? We can do it!

Why choose us?

Shadows in photographs of products that you are willing to sell can help make those products jump off the page/website and into the browser’s cart. They make the products look professional and believable. That is where we come in, to help you achieve the right shadows under the right setting and right lighting is what we do best. We understand how shadows work for each different product type. This means all you have to do is just send us your photos and let us handle the rest! We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!